April 7 - Down n Dirty Rock n Roll

5 bands converging from all over the rock n roll map.  
Venus Loves Mars - 8p
Bush Pilots - 9p
War Daddies - 10p
Hardcore Sex - 11p
Lonely Horse - 12a





March 25 - Return of the War Daddies

Loud Music, Lotsa Booze and Beers.  Local BBQ. No cover.  

Bring the Love. War Daddies have Returned!!

Skunkilla & The Fugitives open at 8:30p
War Daddies at 9p
Union Jacks at 11p



Feb 3 - War Daddies Pop up show

Our friends at Sahara Lounge asked us to play an early show this Friday 7ish to 9:30

$5 door.  As you were.



Sept 2 - War Daddies Invade

Friday Sept 23rd at Sahara lounge.  It's is a funky little place with a BIG heart.  We saw Drivin N Cryin there a month or so ago and it was 'out of control' ....in a good way.  

so, we figured - WTH? lets play our return show there.  Bret is now off the Injured Reserve List and Doc says he can even haul his own drums!  Welcome back Mister Appleby.  Get to Work!


Vid Links

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Bear on Bear

9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

War Daddies

10:30 PM

Octopus Rex


July 15 - SideWinder on a Friday night

Brett literally broke his back a couple days before this show - so we had to cancel.  Sorry to anyone who came out for War Daddies  - hope you liked Venus Loves Mars!  By way of condolences: War Daddies new EP Alive in ATX is now available on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, YouTube and a bunch more sites.  Go to your favorite music streaming site and search for War Daddies - odds are we have a little something there for ya.  Oy!

June 24 - EP Release Party Friday June 24 at the Hole in the Wall

Its finally here.   We went legit.  War Daddies are releasing our new EP called 'Live in ATX'.  Our friends at the Hole in the Wall have been kind enough to host the show and Superette is headlining. need our volunteer brigade to report for duty and bring some conscripts!    

CD's and T-Shirts available at the show.

June 12 -2016 Rock n Roller Derby feat: War Daddies

Double Header

WD's play 3 mini sets (3 songs each) during half times and intermission

$15 tickets at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2555631

12 and under are FREE.  

FB Event and Rockn RollerGirl Image stream 

March 19-2016:

SXSW Refugee Camp:

WDs R putting (y)our money where (y)our mouth is.   Next 60 days will donate a portion of proceeds from our newly released single 'Back to Austin
to the Williamson County Animal Shelter.  WD's will donate portion of Friday March 19 proceeds as well.Click GOING on this FB event 2get message w/FREE link2new single-donations welcome. Here is a new flyer for your collection.‪#‎WDS4EVER‬

February 16-2016:

SXSW Refugee Camp - First gig of the new year is March 19th at Hanovers

Objective: Purchase and Consume all high quality alcohol on the premises.  While dancing (or) pumping fists along to copious amounts of loud rock n roll music.   WDs have been working up a sweat of new tunes that will remind you why they are always worth the wait.....and SXSW isnt.   War Daddies Volunteer Brigade UNITE!  #WDS4EVER

Skunk Killa brings his brand of sticky stanky subversion to the stage before things get outta hand. Wycliff Brothers make their debut opening the show.

Facebook Invite


January 6-2016:

When the Levee Breaks

WD moved into a new studio last fall and have been putting it to use.    Writing new songs the last few months.    So we got a late start on the booking season.   Looking for some Spring/Summer Shows.  Will keep ya posted.  Hang tight.   As usual it will be worth the wait.  In the mean time here is a clip of PV Mac rockin out with Bret at the new studio





Sept 8 -2015:

Live at Hanovers on Saturday September 12.

War Daddies are ready to take on the Longhorns fans.  We have a hand gesture, team colors and a playbook (we write bridges - we just don't always remember to play them) and enough fighting spirit to knock the slobber out of Bevos mouth.   Our special guest Skunkilla will start the show.   Join us at Hanvoers and enjoy free early access to 2 new singles from the War Daddies on bandcamp.com.  Ain't we sweet?

July 24-2015:

They'll be no more music some day

However, War Daddies fans got an overdose last Friday.   Big heaping helping of "Thank YOU" to the WD Volunteer Brigade for getting the word out, grabbing a friend or stranger to get folks out to the show.  Skunkilla medley mash ups was a massive hit.  We hope to work out more special guest performances, ....we are talking to his people - fingers crossed!

The stage was filled for the closer (Rock n Roll by RW Hubbard).  Everything in between was a blur.    You can check out some in focus video of that blur on our YouTube Channel.  Search War Daddies or #WDS4EVER.  Here is a link

Mixing and mastering of our Live EP starts Aug 1.   Aiming to have it available on iTunes and Google play by the end of the month.  More on that in August.

Finally, War Daddies guitarist Sam Frazer with PAWS for Hays county staff " in a post donation" pic. They've never had anyone walk in and hand them a envelope filled with cash.#WDs4EVER


July 12-2015:

Live Sessions - We're not alone .....we're at the bar

War Daddies invited Allen Kyle from Night Owl studio into WDs HQ in June to record some live tracks.  No punch ins or overdubs or extra tracks.  What you hear is what we played.  All the raw tracks and sounds are done and ready to be mixed. 

Check in back here this Summer for a Release date in the Fall.


Take a look at the Tour schedule.  We are playing Hanovers in historic downtown Pflugerville, TX this Friday July 17th.  Donating some proceeds to local animal shelters.  It's an easy way to help and enjoy some great drinks, loud rock music for a good cause.  Doors at 8pm and music starts at 9.  Our good friend and musical  guru  - Skunkilla - will be our special guest.  Dont miss it!

June 8-2015:  

One for the Critters

War Daddies are proud to report the result of June 30 show at Hanovers was a donation of $840 delivered to San Marcos and Hays County area Animal Shelters in contribution to relief efforts after the Blanco River flooded on Memorial Day 2015.  Big Thanks to the War Daddies Volunteer Brigade for coming out and pitching in.  In case you are wondering....it turns out, "Nobody" won the ad-hoc game of "Train Wreck the Band" that night played by WDs, a zealous fans and a bottle of Patron.  ex-War Daddy "CoonDog"





May 19-2015:

Return of the War Daddies


WD's are back in Austin after a 4 month deployment on private house party duty.  Its good money and we make fans at every show, but there is something about the neon lights, jukebox and draft beers that cant be beat!  Plus they have a stage, lights, PA, soundman - yeah ....its easier.

Despite the short notice, we need the full War Daddies Volunteer Brigade to show up ready to take on the whole bar.  

For your trouble, we have a special guest Skunkilla (Ron Rougeaux) kicking off the set performing renditions of some War Daddies classics in his own special way.  

Hanovers has always been good to us and we are looking forward to seeing all your faces under the bar lights.

Until then.... here are some e-Flyers  for the show.  



January 3-2015:

War Daddies House Party Vids

......err Garage Party.  Dec 2014 private Party.  Shot by our lunatic gonzo  viedographer  - Sean O'keefe.