Booking Kit

War Daddies are a working class 4 man rock band from Texas.  Their original music is made for drinking in bars, kicking off the party, staying up late, high speed chases, road trips and wrestling bears.
War Daddies typically have ~50+ fans at live shows in Texas.  WD's fans are known to be big tippers,and really heavy drinkers....OK....maybe their is a problem there, but no one has gotten hurt....yet.  Lets leave it at that!
Their shows last between 45 minutes and 2 hours - depending on the venue/schedule.   They can play loud electric southern indie rock in larger venues, and intimate acoustic folk material in smaller venues.   
War Daddies promote shows online, on site, in the area, at local events and in advance with eye catching poster art and invitations.   
Each War Daddy is a veteran of the music industry. They work easily with venue staff and treat them with respect as fellow War Daddies.  They also make a point to promote drink specials and find innovative ways to boost bar sales/staff tips during their sets. 
Contact us for average  hourly rates to play your venue or house party.  All reasonable offers considered.  Based on availability.


Radio/Press kit

War Daddies are Mutants.  Their ethos is pUnk.  The lyrics are narrative postcards on love, conflict, youth and the road.  Their sound is electric, dirty, driven, and stuffed with hook.  Fans and fellow musicians have described them - without a trace of irony - as southern indie rock.  Prolific writing where every song is a "fan fav" and bombastic "one of a kind" shows convert dedicated followers by the roomful.

Back Story

War Daddies were started with 2 rules:  Rock Out.  No Goals.

Years later.....we now have only 1 rule:  Rock Out. 


In the 90's, Mac and Sam were the writing team that fueled seminal Austin alt country/Americana proto rock bands like Grass House, The Landlords and Jubal Harshaw. Mac went on to co write/sing in Austin alt country trio The Claymores, and eventually fronted local critic favs, The Johns until 2009. 

Meanwhile, Sam and Bret had started the War Daddies in 2007 as a diversion from terminal corporate boredom. Average song length was 10-12 mins.   Ron "Skunk Killa" (Zen master/songwriter/occasional bass player) joined in 2008 to establish a full rhythm section. However, average song time remained in the 10-12 min range.  Then Mac joined in 2009, to feed the War Daddies prolific music machine.  Song times dropped drastically to a coherent 3-4 minutes.  WDs started gigging......semi annually ....casually.  Ron soon recognized that they needed an "actual" bassist and asked Wade to take his place.  He was a official War Daddy by the middle of the first song. The rest is History 

The Inside Scoop

Over the last 4 years War Daddies have played 13 shows in Texas (bars and a few house parties) and released none of the recordings made during that period.  All shows were packed and bootlegs were encouraged.  War Daddies now have approximately 3 albums of material written, rehearsed and recorded at WDHQ studios. They no longer play the songs live and they have no intention of releasing these early efforts.  The band is prolific and prefers to "keep the engine running".  WD's are recording their as yet untitled debut album in 2015.   Current plan is for singles to start dropping on ITunes this summer and the album to be ready in the Fall. 

Sam - Guitarist

Sam plays Gibson guitars and Fender amps

Bret - Drummer